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Visit Delphi & enjoy the ride

One of the most important ancient sites can be found at Delphi, a very scenic location which attracted people since 4000 B.C. After 8th century B.C. the most important oracle of ancient Greece was founded there and around the end of 7th B.C. the impressive temples of Apollon and Athina. Ancient Greeks liked to call this spot as "Navel of the world" and there is an incredible geometric story behind this: Delphi has equal distances from other important ancient sites as you can see in this Google image (which you can cross check it yourself):

The museum hosts some of the most breathtaking marble statues found in Greece, state of art, twice the human size.

The ride is available either as a pillion on my bike (Suzuki V-strom 650 ABS) or my car (Kia Sportage 2.0).  It is 160 km away from Athens with scenic parts on the way which you can enjoy as I drive, while the nearby village of Arahova offers a nice chance for a pleasant walk or to try the tasty local meat food. Mobile internet connection provided so you can share your experience live in case you want to.

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