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October 2012

Part 2: Fabriano & surroundings

I wake up at the hotel in Fabriano and find out that still there's no internet as no "tecnico" arrived to fix it as promised so after my breakfast I chat with the owner's daughter who seems to be the only person around available and ask her a discount to make up for my (back in the day) very expensive mobile internet roaming. She (almost) no English, me (almost) no Italian makes the whole scene quite Woody Allenish but we manage to find a deal.

As I go to the parking lot to peak my bike for one more riding day around, her father behind me goes "hey!" in a full "who the fuck r you" tone in his voice. I turn to him to explain the obvious (that I'm staying in his efin hotel) in a short but as hilarious chat and then leave hoping the (not so funny for my mood) jokes will come to an end.

Relatively early and the sun hasn't cleared the mist yet so I ride conservatively on those wetish bends of SS318 South West of Fabriano. My intention is to see Perugia for a while but as I approach the city the insane traffic of people going to work makes me decide to by pass it at lighting speed. That goes for the decision not my riding speed cause the roads don't allow anything like this.

South East of Torricella on SP313 I make a stop for my first view to the lake Trasimeno:

I love it when trees frame a window with view:

I ride around the lake and make a stop at its North end at Porticciolo:

Calm water in front of me and a park behind me. Could I have a more soothing (and much needed) environment? Probably not. I could have met better drivers than the one close to the end of the following video which gives you an idea about the ride:

I ride back to Fabriano enjoying a curvy green route despite a bit of traffic:

A long straight at Rigali and a full cloudy sky offers me the following image:

The next day is my last one at Fabriano hence I decide to spend it riding around the area left unexplored South and East. As I reach Cancelli I take the SP16 heading South. On a lovely day of early October riding around the nice countryside of the area crossing those cute small villages of Marche region you can't go wrong:

Right at the border of Marche and Umbria I stop to capture those beautiful fields surrounded by nature's grace:

Here's a panoramic from the exact same spot:

I continue South till I meet the SP361 when I head East.

Here's a video of how it looks like riding at Pioraco:

I continue East up to Castelraimondo where I take the SP256 South again. South of Camerino I feel like taking a few more pictures once again:

I jump on the bike again to continue East on the SP132.

Enjoy the ride:

My ride around Campotorondo di FIastrone later is to blame for the following video:

Further East later close to Montegiorgio I feel obliged to capture some more of the countryside:

10 minutes later at Monterone I get the exact same feeeling:

Time to head back North and 30 minutes later I enter Macerata. I like so much the view of Piazza Nazario Sauro with the Sferisterio (consider this as the local arena) that regardless how funny a panoramic will look like with all this traffic I still wanna have one:

Wait, next one is even funnier:

I come back to the hotel at Fabriano and have my last night there as tomorrow I will leave the place behind for further exploration around bella Italia.

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