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August 2014

Part 2: From Slovenia to Austria

August is ending and I am leaving Ljubljana behind with the same heavy heart I'd leave a beautiful girl to go to work. Seems that even my phone's gps is angry to leave this pretty capital behind hence it sent me on this gravel road without any special reason:

It's all too beautiful to complain except a tricky weather above my head. Cold and foggy conditions doesn't help much but fortunately the beauty of Bled lake surely does:

Far from being a hidden one this gem is definitely among Slovenia's top ones. There's lots of traffic during high season but still worth a visit. Weather can rain anytime soon and I don't risk a full tour of the lake as my next destination is still far North.

As I get close to the Austrian border the route becomes really lovely. Tight bends with great tarmac around those mountains inspire me to finish my tires ignoring all the weight I put on their shoulders. After the border, riding in Austria extends the joy.

"Ferlacher Stausee":

Weather feels less threatening now as I head North on the 114:

With beauty in my eyes and nice memories waiting to be registered I make it outside Schlierbach, a town East of Salzburg, were the special and lovely Frommel family is waiting to host me (have a taste of the family here). I arrive outside their impressive house built in the 1300s:

I soon experience the exceptional hospitality of those amazing people. We take a short walk around the town where I picture the Schlierbach gymnasium:

Later at night they take me to the local literature festival. Members of the family are among the organisers of this event which ends with a... rather unusual band playing accordion, various percussion, tuba, classic guitar, mouth harp and a few local traditional ones that I didn't identify.

Check it out:

Next morning begins with rain and cold. Not just cold for me as a Mediterranean but it was one of the coldest Augusts ever as locals admit. Later as it clears up a bit the youngest son of the family is kind enough to take me out for a walk around the woods. The extra high humidity makes me feel like running out of oxygen while hiking those steep parts in the mist:

The view from the top is quite rewarding though:

I met this funny guy up there. Cute!

It starts raining on our way back but I don't bother much since I stay at a place like this. Look at the garden view in this kingdom of silence:

Tomorrow's plans are dictated by the weather as the prognosis looks anything but biker friendly. Should I stay or should I go?

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