Spain - Portugal

June 2017

Part 4: Lisboa

Late June finds me at Portugal's capital. I am already positively surprised by this cute small country and Lisboa is no exception. From my very first steps I enjoy the fact that just around the corner I can see buildings like this:

But also deserted beauties of the past like this one:

Campo Martires da Patria park gives me a rare chance to see a rooster co existing with pigeons:

Sweet place if nothing else:

At the South end of this park I find the monument of José Tomás de Sousa Martins, a doctor who worked pro bono for the poor ones late 19th century:

I take some less gracious backstreets and walk around the poor side of the city. Quite a contrast:

Before I climb up to Sao Jorge castle I take a chance to picture it in the background:

I love these old trams still running around:

As a city boy who spent his life around rectangular buildings I appreciate non rectangular ones with curvy touches like this one:

As I am high enough at the Catholic temple of Igreja da Graca I take the chance to get a better shot of Sao Jorge Castle with a bit of the bridge of 25th of April:

This is the venue of the local tango festival:

Pretty close to it, the church of Sao Vicente of Fora:

As you can see, the bloom of AirBnB doesn't make everyone happy in Lisboa:

One more impressive building in Lisboa, captioned by itself:

I really liked the entrance of the church of Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Conceição Velha but the strong sunlight didn't help for a good image:

At Cais das Colunas I take the chance to breath some sea - people like to gather there for the sunset:

The above view is the one you get with your back to Praca do Comerco so let's take the chance to see the latter in all its beauty:

Really adorable square as you can see and the light of the sun setting made it even better.

Next point of interest in my walk is the elevator of Santa Justa:

Only a minute of walking away is the Rossio square. Wonderful:

A few more minutes walking North I picture Restauradores square with its monument:

Speaking of monuments, here is the on for the heroes of Great War:

I have something for big trees surviving in the urban jungle but this one is pure art:

Humour is a virtue and this guy definitely hasn't lost it:

I already develop a nice relation with Lisbon's parks so next morning I have my breakfast on this one:

Green is cool so I visit Jardim Dom Luis and the statue of Marquis of Sá da Bandeira (5 times Prime Minister!):

Just a few minutes East is the statue of Duque da Terceira:

Luís de Camões Square:

One of Lisbon's highlights is the famous inclined old tram.

Loaded with all this graffiti it really ranks high as the trademark of the city:

Later in the afternoon my dear host Tania took me for a walk around for some hidden gems including her favourite bar and restaurant. This was really the best way to close my stay in this wonderful city. Graceful, beautiful and interesting from the historic center to the poor neighbourhoods. I'd gladly come back anytime but this time I have no more time.

Here's a video summarising clips I shot around the city:

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