Italy Morocco Pyrenees

June 2015

Part 13: La Seu d'Urgell - Italy - Greece

La Seu d' Urgell is a rather pleasant town, gladly (I guess) sandwiched between the Natural Parks of Alt Pirineu and Cadi-Moixero, not far from the French border. The hotel we decide to stay is among the best we've tried so far and I get a chance to have my clothes washed there too.

A walk around brings me to a computer repair store with pieces from the 80s exhibited - we have evolved technologically quite a lot in the meantime haven't we? :

Funny how we haven't evolved (at least as much) as persons but that's another story.

In the heart of this town I enjoyed the narrow backstreets. I mean, after Morocco "narrow" got another meaning but still they were narrow enough quite often:

The local Cathedral of Santa Maria is definitely an attraction hence I meet a group of kids there:

I am mostly impressed though by these beautifully coloured buildings looking as if they came out of some drawing:

A million times better than the often tasteless contemporary POS. On my way back to the hotel I have a rather interesting incident with a butterfly. Sitting at the hotel's garden, so white and pretty, was impossible to miss. As I approach her she stays idle and when I offer my palm she jumps in! I thought it'd be just seconds of my first time ever with a butterfly relaxing on my palm but it felt like she'd stay there forever. At some point I manage to start recording with my phone - watch the outcome:

Next day after a nice full pit stop with fresh washed and ironed (for the first time) clothes we continue to Barcelona to spend the day before taking the ferry back to Italy. The trip is getting closet to its end and we all know there are no moments ahead more epic than the ones we already had during the previous weeks on the road. Somewhere at del Parallel avenue I have this interesting beverage that I didn't find elsewhere:

(By the way, interesting how they geometrically name the avenues in Barca: "Parallel", "Diagonal" etc)

As we queue at the port of Barcelona next day waiting for our ferry to Civitavecchia a tiny old red Fiat 500 reminds us the country we're heading to:

From the top deck of the ferry I take pictures of my beloved Barca not knowing when I'll gladly be back again:

FYI, this sea of cars on the lot consists of items that just came out from SEAT factory. Their tags where no older than a couple of days.

I manage to find the most VFM ever accommodation at Civitavecchia, a whole house for myself (at the price of a mediocre hotel room) with a private lake:

Close to the port it's just what I need for an overnight. Next day I have to ride up to Ancona to catch the next ferry back to mama Hellas. Being on a tight time schedule, I decide to first arrive at the port and then see if I have time for lunch. Since I arrived early enough I decide to spare my top case from the pizza it carried all the way and put it in my starving stomach instead:

I get on the ferry, rest in my cabin for a while and then go out to capture the sun setting on a flat Adriatic sea. Wow:

Next morning I have my first view of my country for the first time after weeks on the road. Definitely not disappointing and obviously heartwarming:

Arriving at the port of Patra late(ish) afternoon I rush to have my first souvlaki after a long time (most famous Greek street food) and then ride those 250(ish) km all the way back home to end this 30 days and 6000km long trip.

See you on the next one!