Customisable windshield for all pre 2012 Suzuki V-Strom*

*(except 2002-2004 1000cc)

This is probably the most customisable windshield you can get for your V-Strom. Wider than the original, available in 3 heights with laser engraving of your choice!

The screens offered here take advantage of all the maximum width available while leaving enough clearance so you can use any handguards you want without issues at all. Contrary to the original screen they have almost zero reverse flip in order to reduce drag and turbulence. Combined with a shorter bottom end this design results to a smoother air flow with less wind noise (more noticeable on the lower frequencies) because there’s more air behind the screen to fight the stream that comes from the top. It also increases the helmet’s ventilation (especially on the chin vent) while keeping the wind protection better than original. Less vacuum behind the screen offers better breathing for the rider’s area but no added resistance from the additional air. Best of both worlds. Made from 4mm thick transparent Plexiglas.

With a light transmittance of 92% you really get a better than glass feel:

With this screen you don't have to use the two plastic screw covers of the original which are useless (if not ugly).

I make 3 versions to cover all heights (explained further in the customisation form below). In the pictures and the video you see the shortest version (which is a bit taller than original). All images are totally unedited so you get the most objective idea possible (you can check them individually here). I do not suggest people to go for taller screens than the tallest I make. The larger the screen, the more vulnerable to cross winds the front end becomes. A large surface added at the high end of the front end can easier act as a sail. Speaking of cross winds, this is something that windscreens cannot do much about. It’s also hard to make a 100% objective comparison on screens out on the streets unless it’s a totally windless day. Even then, the wind noise arriving at your ears also depends on other factors like the vehicle ahead of you, the distance you keep from it etc.

Fill the form below and I'll get back to you with all the details required in order to receive your own unique screen: